Sunday, April 5, 2015

Are you your own person?

In an episode of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai wonders whether she likes Pop Tarts only because when she was little her mother did not want her to eat Pop Tarts, so when she rebelliously did, they tasted of sweet sweet freedom. Eating Pop Tarts made her feel like she was finally her own person. Today's random musing what somewhat triggered by that. 

Born in a painfully cynical family, I've grown up being sceptical of just about everything. I still scoff at many things, on principle, just because I always have. Alternate medicine, astrology, spirituality, romance, vulnerability, self-indulgence, even shopping - just the most random things. All they have in common is, we as a family never did them and poked fun of people who did. I still sometimes don't know how to turn off my inner sceptic. It always makes me wonder how much of me is myself and how much I grew up picking up on.

And then I wonder if there really is anything as "being your own person." I wrote a post on this blog once about people who take others' opinions and spew them as their own, with complete self-assurance and no explanation. Parrots, I called them. In a way, we are all parrots. Every opinion we form is, in some way, borrowed or adapted. Has to be, right? Because we exist in relation to others, the world is subjective, we are all connected. So all you can really do is, expand your reach, expose yourself to different outlooks, open your mind to newer possibilities, ask questions and engage in conscious introspection. I suppose the closest you can come to being individual, being your own person so to say, is to be a thoroughly informed parrot.

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