Sunday, November 23, 2014

Why I Like Reading Blogs

I spend about an hour a day visiting blogs, and I have a whole schedule of how I do that. Book blogs on alternate days, personal on the rest, celebrity blogs (which these days is limited to Gaiman) on weekends, and some twelve blogs by people I know - old acquaintances, online and real-life friends - that I check up on daily, if only to reread the older posts. This may sound stalker-ly to some and I have been scoffed at for my blog-obsession often enough. But that fact remains - blogs are interesting.

Regular everyday conversation rarely presents the opportunity to really understand someone. It's all poofs, fluff and inconsequential blahs. How many people do I know who actually like discussing things that have little of the immediate reality of the weather and lunchtime? Very few. When people write, even the unlikeliest of my friends, they sift through their thoughts and present a selected few with more coherency than small talks or chats can hope to summon. And when they write blogs, they do it with the underlying assumption that someone would read them. It's a presentation, and the closest one can get to an honest one, by virtue of not being face-to-face. People bare their emotions on their blogs, the opinions that they might be too embarrassed to share out in the real world because they don't suit their carefully constructed images or simply because they don't want to risk being taken too seriously. I was once told that it is easier to speak the truth in a foreign language or in English because it is more impersonal than your mother tongue. The same applies to blogs I think. It is easier to be sincere on a blog rather than in real life.

I love language. I love dissecting people's words choices and peculiar sentence constructions. People have the cutest tics (not to be confused with the blood-sucking insects.) Like, one blogger I follow throws around a lot of uncanny Britishisms and another has this very storyteller-like tone employing phrases such as, "well well well," "lo and behold" and "voila!" I apparently write incomplete or one-word half-sentences that make no sense like, "I did something, just because," which in my head means, just for the sake of doing it. Some bloggers swear a lot, others ooze punctuation!!!!! There's a lot you can judge from the way a person writes and I love how so very often, what you make of a blogger-personality doesn't match up to their real-world image. It's a weird kind of fun, the failing to fully figure people out.

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  1. Loved your blog & I am a sucker for more :) Do suggest , If I could read any from your list..