Monday, May 5, 2014

The lengths people go to judge others astonish me.

Whenever someone smokes on TV, the caption tells us how awful it is. Then there are those painfully graphic advertisements. Every time this Smoking Kills advertisement comes up on TV, I want to puke - not because of what they show, though that's no party, but because it's the most absurdly manipulative thing I've ever seen. Sure - maybe smokers do need to be made aware of the harmful effects of what they're doing, although even that's arguable. But why all the hatred? Who put you on that high horse? Passive smoking means it affects us too, smokers don't exactly smell like roses, blah blah, I get that. But I'm pretty sure people still have a lot to say about those who smoke in closed rooms with no one around but fellow smokers. Take this for instance: 

"Creative ceiling art" a friend shared on Facebook

"Smoking kills." - God, it doesn't kill you if you're not doing it, and if it kills someone else, slowly or fastly, it's their choice. Someone can smoke a little and reach his ultimate inevitable demise slowly or another someone can smoke away his life - it shouldn't have to be like the ultimate worst sin you can ever commit. You could have forty reasons for not doing it, but why be disgusted by someone who can counter-argue each of those. Sure, there's no harm in awareness, but thrusting your opinions on people doesn't help them. The topic should be open to discussion, between two friends, a couple, a parent and their kids, not unlike any other "vice."

You need to stop being so prejudiced, stop judging and considering yourself so morally superior as to torment completely normal people, good people, because of one habit of theirs that you've decided is bad. We've all got weaknesses and we all decide which we try to overcome and which side effects we can bear with. If smoking hurts, so does every other obsessive behaviour, and there are so many that flit by unnoticed by the self proclaimed heath police.

A partner who sneaks out for a smoke once in a month is far better than one who has an affair, in my opinion, though one shouldn't have to sneak out - which is the point. Someone who prefers to relax with a smoke is better than a rash driver. Adventure sports are far riskier, I think, than an occasional cigarette. No one likes a pretentious goody-goody any more than a chain smoker. It's better to be understanding, I feel, than confrontational.

It's not weird to take behavioural advice from a 1940s children's cartoon, no, it's not. So do yourself a favour and always remember, Thumper said it best: