Monday, December 10, 2012


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Back in Amboli, I realized something funny. It happened late one evening, when we had just come back from a pre-dinner trail. With the air around us so cold and eerie, the topic naturally turned to ghost stories; mostly scary Bollywood movies, so I was not as much a part of the conversation as an outside observer (I hadn't seen any Bollywood horror lately.) One girl, though quite eager to listen to the stories, started getting insanely afraid and her worrying mother announced that it was time to change the topic. She mentioned, for whatever reason, that she did believe in ghosts but that now was not the time to discuss them. At that, a guy just ran up to her and exclaimed, "There is no such thing as ghosts. There is no such thing as ghosts." He did say it twice. He went on to add, "Bring me one. Just bring me a ghost. I'm telling you, there are no ghosts." And right then... I had my epiphany!

What I thought was, how on earth could he know that? Wasn't it crazy to have so much faith in our senses, when they could be so deceiving? Only minutes ago, we had been walking through a dense forest, entirely sure we were seeing the silhouettes of a spotted owl here and a falcon there, only to realize as we got closer, that they were some weirdly shaped leaves. We had vehemently argued that the twigs visible in the distance were not, in fact, twigs, but little snakes and run up to them to discover that we were, after all, wrong. And after spending hours not watching spotted owls and falcons and snakes, how could we come home and trust those senses enough to say that because we haven't seen something, it couldn't exist.

I realized, for the first time, that it is just as ridiculous to adamantly not believe in the supernatural as it is to be convinced that it exists. How could we possibly know that? There is so much in the world around us that we are yet to fully understand. That's probably why I am so fascinated by horror or fantasy fiction: realizing and accepting the fact that we have little control over what goes on around us but that we can live and function despite that sense of helplessness; that the unknown doesn't necessarily mean the bad and, that, in a very Stephen King-like way, every known evil begins and ends in the human mind. I am going to stop myself from plunging into a passionate talk about fiction, because I have sworn not to write about books on this blog. 

Instead, let me just ask you what you believe in. Do you really think it is justified for us to decide with certainty what is, based on our limited knowledge and capacities? Maybe there are ghosts and lost souls in limbo and freaky otherworldly creatures that mythology talks about. My only belief is that no amount of being scared of or worshipping what may be out there is going to get us anywhere. 


  1. This is always an interesting topic. I have come across 2 sets of people in life. 1st who have experienced something unnatural and thus believe in existence of such things; 2nd who have never seen anything which does not have a valid scientific reason for its occurrence. In past also the human race was greatly divided into those who took to religion (thereby believed in existence of good and evil spirit) and those who took to science(they were also free thinkers). I was also told that each human being was born as either "Dev Gan" or "Rakshas Gan".
    At the end its up to you what you believe in. Isn't it?

    1. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions! Who am I to take that away!!
      It's just that the people do tend to force their beliefs onto others and not many people are ready to justify or even question their beliefs before doing that, which is what I don't appreciate.
      As long as we admit that our beliefs are just 'beliefs', opinions, guesses and not universal truths, all's well! :)